MiniAdder v2 basic kit

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The MiniAdder v2 basic kit contains the essential components for the MiniAdder v2, except for the bow arm and string. Deviating from the official instructions, we offer other springs based on our own experience and include a second M3x25 pan-head screw, as the M3x20 pan-head screw is too short for the grip.

  • 1x Aluminium profile 20x10x61 (depending on the selected scope of delivery)
  • 1x Aluminum tube 30x2x175 (depending on the selected scope of delivery)
  • 2x Compression spring 0.4×4.4×11.7
  • 3x Compression spring 0.75×8.15×20
  • 1x Pan head screw M3x10
  • 4x Pan head screw M3x12
  • 18x Pan head screw M3x20
  • 2x Pan head screw M3x25
  • 4x Pan head screw M3x35
  • 1x Pan head screw M3x40
  • 3x Pan head screw M4x40
  • 1x Grub screw M5x12
  • 2x Nail 3.1×70
  • 21x Hexagon nut M3
  • 2x Hexagon nut M4
  • 1x Hexagon nut M4 – self locking
  • 1x Hexagon nut M5
  • 7x Countersunk screw Spax 2.5×10
  • 1x TheraTube Silver ~6mm


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